DICTO Systems, e-Procurement System, Supplier Relationship Management


We provide your company or group an online purchase system, which is able to manage all of your quotation and purchasing operations in a transparent and efficient way.

Convenient and Economic

Cloud-based and intuitive, our system has no installation or running recquirements. Save on infrastructure and maintenance costs

Enhance your purchasing deals

Our systems enables simultaneous quotations, with an uncountable number of suppliers. By using such a broad range tool, your company is more likely to obtain lower prices and better price conditions

Time saving

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and phone calls! The entire process – from price quotation to final order – is executed on the system. Most importantly, your ERP software can be integrated to our system, optimizing your company information flow

Management control

Our system incorporate valuable historical reports and graphs, which enable a more modern and efficient purchasing management

Interface SAP

We developed a unique interface to the SAP ECC system, 100% ABAP, without the need of previous settings

1º) Send Request for Quotation (RFQ)

With a single click you can export your RFQ to the online portal, providing the RFQ for suppliers to save their prices and conditions.

2º) Suppliers

Your suppliers are registered on the portal at the time of submission of RFQs. They will access the portal through email and password, so they will be able to save prices and conditions.

3º) Import and analysis

Import prices and conditions saved by suppliers in the online portal to your SAP system. Our interface will fill the quotations (RFQs), and you can review the prices in the SAP transaction ME49.

4º) Purchase Orders (P.O.)

After the analysis of the analytical map (ME49) the buyer can save purchase orders. The buyer can then send the P.O. in PDF format to the online portal, so the suppliers will be able to view them.


Email: dicto@outlook.com